Gatwick Airport uses data centre decontamination service: news roundup

Gatwick airport’s initiative to improve performance and life of its IT; public sector’s progress in virtualisation and IT pros’ server management woes are this week’s highlights.

Gatwick Airport signs five-year data centre decontamination contract
Gatwick Airport has signed a five-year contract with a data centre healthcare company to avail technical cleaning services for its 28 IT facilities in the UK.

“The regular deep cleaning of our facilities is absolutely essential to the smooth running of our technical locations at Gatwick,” John Blythman, the airport’s data centre manager, said. 

The contract will help the airport’s IT team improve the performance, power consumption and life of its IT equipment.  

Gatwick selected a firm called 8 Solutions which is ISO 14644-1 Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments accredited. However, there is no mandatory enforcement of this standard in the UK.

IT pros chained to server management and troubleshooting tasks
IT pros spend more than half their time (56%) monthly on server management and troubleshooting and just 28% on strategic value-added activities, a study showed.

The findings come at a time when business heads are asking IT teams to do more for less and to reduce IT spending.

Many organisations cling to physical servers, wasting time and money, despite the widespread availability of cloud and managed hosting, the study also found.

In addition, 59% of UK IT pros admitted they have either bought too many servers, which wastes money, or bought too few, which means a lack of capacity, according to the report, Cloud Reality Check, from cloud service provider Rackspace Hosting Inc.

UK professionals also cited spending 50% of their time on server maintenance and troubleshooting. Respondents said hardware maintenance, availability and the cost of buying and maintaining servers are their top concerns with regards to server management.

UK public sector ‘slow’ in virtualisation adoption
UK’s public sector organisations lag behind other industries in adopting virtualisation, according to a study.

A third of all UK (33%) public sector organisations have not adopted virtualisation at all, the study conducted by the Ponemon Institute for Acronis Inc. revealed.

It also found that the public sector is least likely to protect its virtual servers, with 71% claiming they either don’t back up or do not know if they back up their virtual servers as often as their physical ones.

Professionals cited lack of budget and resources as key challenges in performing backup and disaster recovery tasks.

Nearly two thirds (61%) of UK professionals said their disaster recovery is not well managed, with over half (59%) saying that their business heads don’t support their backup and disaster recovery operations.

Surprisingly, the public sector professionals favoured cloud computing. 86% of IT pros said they will use cloud services in the next 12 months.

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