Google search has a new look to push other services

Google is rolling out a new-look search home page to promote other Google services.

Google is rolling out a new-look search home page to promote other Google services.

The bar across the top of the Google search home page is to be replaced by a logo, which when clicked or highlighted, displays links to other Google services.

The move comes as Google faces US and European investigations into whether the firm is exploiting its dominance of the search market by promoting its own services over rivals in search results.

Google, which denies deliberately disadvantaging rivals, says the revamp is designed to improve the user experience.

"We have rolled out the new Google bar to some users and are looking to broaden the roll-out in the coming weeks,” a spokesman said.

Analysts believe the move is designed to promote more of Google’s services without cluttering its web page and to make it look more like Google’s Chrome operating system, according to the BBC.

The new format will force users to access services like Google News in two clicks instead of one, and while this may seem like a step backwards, it will create more advertising opportunities for Google.

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