Wipro widens its services delivery options

Indian IT services giant Wipro is increasing its delivery capabilities through a delivery centre in South Africa.

Indian IT services giant Wipro is increasing its delivery capabilities through a delivery centre in South Africa that will recruit 1000 people over the next three years.

The South African centre will provide Wipro with better access to South African companies in an economy that is increasing spending on IT. It will also give Wipro a largely untapped human resources of IT professionals to support global customers. 

Manoj Punja, head of focus markets and global sales operations at Wipro, said: “To tap the large pool of IT educated graduates, Wipro plans to initiate campus recruitment drives and establish training and skills development programs. These recruits will then undergo a competency evaluation test and be deputed on projects accordingly.”

Wipro Technologies has 120,000 employees and clients across 54 countries. IT services firms are building their capabilities throughout the world to enable multi-shoring.

The South African government offers incentives for IT companies. It is focussed on the UK and voice based support.

South Africa is focussed in the UK because the language and cultural similarities make it an ideal place for voice customer services. Asda, British Gas and Virgin Media already use call centres in South Africa.

South Africa currently has 10,000 call centre seats supporting offshore customers, but wants to increase this to 30,000. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the completion of broadband links to Europe, such as the Seacom pipe. Telco costs used to be a major proportion of overall costs when offshoring to South Africa, but these have fallen over the last decade.

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