CA Technologies offers professional services training for IT graduates

CA Technologies has unveiled a training scheme for new computer science graduates aimed at broadening their knowledge in professional services...

CA Technologies has unveiled a training scheme for new computer science graduates aimed at broadening their knowledge in professional services.

Through the Associate Services Consultant Programme (ASCP), CA Technologies will be recruiting across a range of disciplines, such as computer science, computer information systems, and information technology, as well as more business-oriented degrees such as business administration, business management or international business and management.

The programme aims to train graduates in the necessary technical and business skills to provide professional services related to a specific CA products.

An initial group of six associates in the UK, all of whom possess a BSc, MSc or PhD degree, has just completed training and certification and these employees are now actively engaged on project and portfolio management (PPM) deployments.

Valentina Zanardi is one of the first graduates to take the ASCP. She joined CA while completing a PhD at University College, London. The programme of training offered three weeks of intense training on Clarity, the CA Technologies PPM tool. She now works with customers to help them get the most from Clarity.

"I've always been ambitious. I hope my career develops quite fast. I would really like to take on more management roles, rather than technical," she said.

Debbie Shingler, director of CA Services in Europe, said: "By providing associates with a thorough understanding of our customers' business objectives, a solid working knowledge of CA Technologies solutions and the ability to effectively deploy these solutions, including team management and communication skills, CA will be better equipped to effectively serve customers and ensure they get the most out of their CA Technologies investment."

CA is now planning to recruit 24 candidates from across Europe. In Italy, four associates will be hired, trained and certified in security and compliance management to help customers address their most critical security needs. In Germany, an additional five candidates will join the ASCP to build their skills in CA's virtualisation and service automation, helping customers deploy repeatable and measurable processes for defining, delivering and supporting services and assets.

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