Huawei team with Optus on wireless broadband

Huawei and Optus are working on a 'Mobile Innovation Centre' to develop new mobile broadband technologies.

Huawei Technologies and Optus are working together to develop new mobile broadband products and networks.

The two companies are developing a ‘Mobile Innovation Centre’ in Sydney, to be ready for work by August 2008.

The Centre will develop new products and mobile networks for Optus, and will be fitted out with mobile and wireless broadband equipment from Huawei.

Steve Christian, managing director for Optus Networks, said that in addition to having benefits for Australian businesses and consumers, the Centre will also help with Australia’s ICT skills shortage.

“[The Mobile Innovation Centre] will also help in the continued development and training of our engineering research and development teams and help us to address the skills shortages within our industry,” he said.

Jerry Wang, managing director of Huawei Australia, was similarly enthused.

“Not only are we providing unrivalled opportunities to deliver the latest mobile technologies that take into consideration cost efficiencies and new revenue generating streams, but we are also supporting the local industry with the establishment of a world class development centre,” said Wang.

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