Comms Alliance to examine local IPv6 adoption

Industry body Communications Alliance has comissioned a study to determine the state of IPv6 adoption in Australia and how it poses challenges to business.

A new study will provide insight into IPv6 migration in Australia, courtesy of the Communications Alliance.

The group has commissioned consultancy Market Clarity to assess the readiness of Australian companies to switch to IPv6, including perceived obstacles to adoption.

The new protocol is expected to provide major advantages for organisations, but making the transition will involve challenges across all levels of business.

“Clear evidence points to a need to act on this issue now and our industry, through Communications Alliance, wants to play a proactive role in helping to achieve a smooth transition,” Communications Alliance CEO Anne Hurley said.

“By understanding our readiness for the transition and identifying the obstacles, we will be able to manage the changes to our national advantage.”

Hurley said successful adoption of IPv6 would contribute to the government objective driving productivity growth via the internet.

The study will involve the input of:

  • the federal government
  • carriers with IP-based data services
  • large ISPs
  • equipment vendors
  • application providers

As a part of the project, the Communications Alliance will provide several tools and documents on its website, including an IPv4 Exhaustion Counter that lists the number of remaining IPv4 addresses and the estimated time before they run out.

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