How are ANZ businesses using VoIP?

We delve into our case study archive to explore how businesses in the region are making the decision to use VoIP, and what they do with it afterwards.

VoIP's ability to improve business performance spans issues including call cost savings, network TCO reductions and the introduction of new applications.

In this round up, we examine how businesses covered in the archive have made VoIP a part of their business and how they benefited from the move.

  • MYOB made the move to VoIP to cut costs between its interstate offices
  • Ferrier-Hodgson decided that leasing its analog PABX was a dead-end and moved to VoIP
  • Macarthur Coal made VoIP one component of an upgrade to all of its communications infrastructure
  • Sydney software house Job Bag moved to VoIP after its old PABX broke ... for the last time!
  • Hosted VoIP is getting the job done for architectural firm Group GSA

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