Microsoft releases October patch Tuesday advanced notifications

Eight security bulletins: two critical and six important, on the works. 23 vulnerabilities expected to be fixed across products.

Microsoft has released an advance notification for this month’s patch Tuesday, announcing a total of eight security bulletins; two of which are critical. In all, 23 vulnerabilities are expected to be patched across Microsoft products.

Apart from the two critical bulletins, the other six are rated important. Most of the bulletins address issues in Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server. The two critical rated bulletins address remote code execution flaws in Microsoft’s .NET framework, Silverlight as well as supported versions of Internet Explorer (versions 6, 7 and 8) and Windows (7, Vista, XP &Server 2003/08).

Of the remaining six bulletins, four deal with remote code execution bugs in Windows, with one of these bulletins addressing Microsoft’s Forefront Unified Access Gateway. The last two bulletins deal with an escalation of privilege issue in Windows and denial of service bugs in Microsoft’s Host Integration Server, respectively. Most of these updates ‘may require restart’ according to the executive summaries of the advanced notification.

The patch will be released on Tuesday, October 11. In addition to the above mentioned patches, Microsoft will update the Windows malicious software removal tool (MSRT). Check back on Tuesday for an in-depth look at the released patches and vulnerabilities.

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