Australia's Integrated Research leads VoIP management market

Australian vendor Integrated Research will seek to extend its lead in the eEnterprise VoIP management market by releasing versions of its software for Avaya and other providers.

Australia's Integrated Research has become the market leader for VoIP management tools among the globe's largest VoIP users, according to Namertes Research's VoIP Trends 2006 benchmark report.

Robin Gareiss, the report's author and Namertes' Vice President and Senior Founding Partner told that her survey of 90 global VoIP users reveals that the very largest VoIP implementations use Integrated Research's Prognosis management tools.

Integrated Research CEO Keith Andrews said the company hopes to retain that lead by developing versions of its software for other IP telephony platforms.

"We are working on an Avaya version at the moment," he said. Versions for other leading telephony suppliers are in the pipeline.

Garreis said these new offerings should arrive in receptive market.

"Businesses typically deploy management tools 12 to 18 months after a VoIP rollout, once they realise they do not have the management tools they need," she said.

"Users should put management tools into their initial VoIP acquisition budgets, but at present they do not."

One possible reason for this exclusion is Namertes' finding that VoIP rollouts currently cost 20% more than the sum required for traditional telephony. Garreis attributed this extra cost to an immature services sector, with skilled personnel in short supply for VoIP rollouts.

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