Avaya comes to play with Google

Avaya plans to integrate its IP Office suite with Google's new hosted enterprise applications.

Avaya has announced it will adapt its IP Office software to integrate with Google Apps Premier Edition.

Google announced the new offering Thursday night, Australian time. For $US50 a year, users will receive a bundle of applications that includes webmail offering Gmail, VoIP tool GTalk, plus Google's online calendar and spreadsheet. All of these functions are offered exclusively through the browser, with customers not required to acquire any hardware or additional software.

A customisable portal is another part of the product, which will offer 10 gigabytes storage for each mailbox.

Gmail also includes webmail and mobile mail, which Google will now deliver to BlackBerry devices in addition to browser-equipped machines.

Procter & Gamble Global Business Services has signed up as the first enterprise customer for the service, which will remain free to smaller businesses and universities.

Avaya followed Google's announcement by saying it plans to adapt its IP Office telephony suite to integrate with the new Google service.

John Roberts, the company's Asia-Pacific Product Manager for Appliances, Mobility and Small Systems Division said the company hopes to use Gmail to create a single inbox for users capable of storing voicemail and email. the company also hopes to integrate the presence tools in Gmail with its own similar offerings, enabling office workers to reach remote workers or contractors via VoIP.

Roberts said he expects this functionality will become available in the northern hemisphere's Autumn, but did not know if the required upgrade to IP Office will require extra payments to Avaya or its resellers.

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