Google to launch BlackBerry business productivity apps

Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to make Google products more compelling for the mobile business community

In order to make its products more compelling for the mobile business community, Google has launched the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and enterprise installation packages for Google Mobile App and Google Maps for mobile.

According to a blog posting by Software Engineer Hong Zhang, Google is targeting those workers whose employees have issued them with a BlackBerry smartphone and will release software that supports built-in email, calendar, and address book applications on a BlackBerry via Google Apps which already includes hosted messaging and collaboration solutions such as Gmail and Google Calendar.

The BES will allow BlackBerry users to connect directly with the Google cloud, with the intention of creating what is claimed will be a seamless experience between Google Apps and the built-in BlackBerry smartphone applications for mail, calendar, and address book.

Currently in beta testing with select companies and universities Google Apps Connector for BES, Google is targeting a July 2009 release for Google Apps Premier and Education Edition customers, at no additional cost.

The enterprise installation packages for Google Mobile App and Google Maps for mobile are designed to allow BlackBerry administrators to deploy Google Mobile applications to corporate BlackBerry phones. The intentions is that administrators will have the option of using ALX packages to push applications to BlackBerry phones through BES. Alternatively, administrators will be able to host JAD/COD packages on a private intranet so that employees can download applications from internal sites.

One key sector for which the new software will see use in s in fleet management. Google expresses confidence that its Maps product could be deployed to help companies make faster, more informed decisions such as assessing the location and performance efficiency of vehicles and other mobile assets.

GPS fleet tracking software provider FleetMatics has announced that it is now integrated with Google Maps API Premier in order to provide real-time vehicle data, such as start/stop times and speed. With the addition of Google Maps, FleetMatics says users can visualise entire fleet locations and identify the closest vehicle to a given location with result of being be able to dispatch more efficiently and reduce vehicle mileage and downtime.

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