Home is where the SME working heart is

55% of SMEs are at their most productive when working from home, supported by effective broadband connections

Research from UK small to medium sized enterprise (SME) specialist Pipex has revealed that the home is increasingly the preferred location for work with home broadband uses as the principal form of network connection to access business applications.

Among the key findings of the study of 900 SME owners was the revelation that just over half (55%) of firms said that they are at their most productive when working from home, compared with 35% who say they are most productive working from the office.

Over three-quarters (79%) of businesses use their home broadband internet connection for work more regularly than any other mode of connection. In contrast, just under half (48%) use office/business broadband. Two-thirds (64%) stated home broadband as the most frequent method of connection compared with 30% who preferred their office/business broadband.

These statistic could well be explained by the fact that the SMEs spent on average one to two hours every day commuting and that just over three-quarters (77%) regarded home broadband as “easy or very easy” to set up. Only 7% found it difficult.

For better or for worse, the study also revealed the reliance of SMEs on broadband with 69% of firms citing “not being able to connect to internet” as the most frustrating aspect of working, followed by “not getting access to your emails” (60%).

Commented Lance Spencer, Product and Marketing Director at Pipex, “The research clearly shows that broadband is a vital business tool and with such easy access, the office may no longer be the preferred working environment. Working from home can be just as effective.”

Spencer however, warned that SMEs need to be discerning in their choice of home broadband package as some consumer grade offerings would not be bundled with the features and support of a dedicated business package.

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