Partnerships the key for mobile broadband suppliers

Mobile broadband who will offer best value to users will be those who create partnerships

A new survey by Strand Consult’s has identified partnerships as the vital element that will bring about success for those involved in the mobile broadband value chain.

In Strand ’s new report "Successful Strategies in the Mobile Broadband Market”, the analyst believes that the mobile broadband market will experience structural changes over the coming years.

It says that the suppliers who will make the most of these changes, and hence be in a position to offer best value to users, will be those who analyse the market and focus on creating the partnerships that must be in place for the new market conditions.

Ultimately, Strand sees successful partnerships are seen as being able to deliver reduced production costs and enabling firms to build strategic positions in preparation for the day when the market is hit by consolidations.

Yet the analyst warns that even though there are an increasing number of players basing their business on partnerships, simply launching partnerships is no guarantee to being successful with one.

Strand predicts that in a market where capacity is growing faster than demand, a number of infrastructure providers will be forced into some sort of consolidation. This will in practice result in either being able to purchase inexpensive network capacity, or alternatively that one's infrastructure partner is purchased by a competitor.
Mobile broadband customers should be aware, the analyst says, that the future focus of mobile broadband suppliers will be on creating value through services and working with partners that have an ability and willingness to create traffic on mobile broadband providers’ networks.


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