British Museum adopts VoIP and upgrades CCTV with new network

The British Museum is deploying voice over IP and...

The British Museum is deploying voice over IP and a CCTV system following the installation of an upgraded network.

Pinacl Solutions was awarded a five-year contract with the museum for the supply and support of its IT system.

Graham Head, head of information systems at the museum, said, "Our immediate requirements were for unified technology with a single point of management. We also needed a network that we could extend rapidly as required."

Pinacl designed a completely new infrastructure on behalf of the museum. New equipment was installed throughout the museum, including the new computer room and at a variety of cabinet locations throughout the building.

Pinacl Solutions added to the existing network infrastructure, which consisted of a 3Com asynchronous transfer mode network that connected to a Cisco gigabit front of house network.

Pinacl ran a variety of strategy days to assess the museum's future requirements. Pinacl also beta tested a variety of products such as PDAs and wireless technologies to evaluate their use to the museum in the future.

The British Museum is made up of many listed buildings, which meant there were many installation regulations. The main restrictions were that Pinacl was not allowed to interfere with any architectural mouldings, wood or plaster, and could not drill holes over 25mm without permission.

Pinacl also helped the museum to prepare for the centralisation of its IT and administration staff to one area.

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