SMEs' open gateway to mobile computing security

New VPN to offer secure on the road access to the same enterprise network services as in the office

As mobile computing usage increases, one of the demands of end users on suppliers will be to have secure on the road access to all of the same enterprise network services as in the office.

In response to this mobile computing dynamic, Network communications equipment manufacturer Billion Electric has launched an SSL VPN Router and firewall one-box solution, BiGuard S3000, which is designed to allow users, especially small to medium sized firms (SMEs) remote access to business information from any location.  

The BiGuard S3000 is a Gigabit dual-Wan SSL/IPSec VPN security gateway for SMEs with 150 to 500 employees. BiGuard S3000’s built-in dual Gigabit WAN connections are claimed to not only provide resilience but also to offer back-up connectivity at high speed.

BiGuard S3000 supports ten concurrent SSL VPN tunnels, upgradeable to 50 tunnels, and 80,000 concurrent sessions. The gateways are designed to offer SSL VPN applications that address SMEs’ concerns on remote access and issues of access policy and management, fitting into existing networks and systems with the minimum of configuration.

BiGuard S3000 enables secure remote data access using an Internet browser log in and offers auto-failover between two devices on virtual Lan; enterprise endpoint security enforcement and host security checking to ensure access security; up to 60 Mbps throughput; Gigabit dual-WAN features to ensure always-on connections; all-in-one solutions - integrating routing, firewall, SSL VPN, IPSec VPN; integration with existing LDAP, AD, Radius, NT Domain authentication Systems.

Designed to work with the BiGuard series of SSL VPN appliances (S5, S10, S20, S6000 and the new S3000), Billion also offers BiGuard OTP (One Time Password) 2-factor authentication tokens. The tokens allow users to create 2-factor authentication by using a dynamically generated 6-digit PIN, and combine this with an existing static password.

The BiGuard S3000 is available now at £1,429 ex VAT RRP.


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