SMBs’ computer needs satisfied for a tenner a month

£10 a month buys a complete business productivity SaaS solution based on Open Office, a multitude of email clients and the FireFox web browser

Credit crunched small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are being offered what Alchemy Systems describes as the solution to their business computing needs: all for £9.99 (+VAT) a month.

The company is offering a hosted service called Virtual Open Desktop which it claims will deliver to SMBs a complete business productivity solution based on Open Office, a multitude of email clients (including Zimbra and Thunderbird) and the FireFox web browser.

Alchemy will host and secure centrally all of the component parts of the software as a service model (SaaS) solution.

Data is protected and kept private by Alchemy Systems with each customer having access to a separate virtual machine and all data is backed-up to an off site location. The solution includes an IGEL Universal Desktop with the aims of keeping customer hardware energy efficient as well as easy to support remotely.

Customers can work with Microsoft documents given the document format support from Open Office and the default document format for read and write can be set to Microsoft. Customers wanting to have additional corporate applications such as SAP, Sage, Netsuite or can access them using the included Firefox web browser.

“In today’s difficult economic climate, small and medium-sized business owners need to be able to concentrate on their business rather than worry about their IT infrastructure,” said Nathan Mills, managing director of Alchemy Systems.




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