British Chambers of Commerce launches business web TV

The British Chambers of Commerce and Dell have launched the Small...

The British Chambers of Commerce and Dell have launched the Small Business Advice television channel in collaboration with Intel.

Hosted by Sean Walsh, former anchor on CNBC, is promising expert commentary and advice from industry experts.

It also provides short downloadable 'how to' tips on key subjects, together with small business case studies.

The channel launches this Friday (28 November) and coincides with research on 755 SMBs, which found the following key points:

  • 25% of respondents felt existing TV programmes dumbed down the public's perception of real business people
  • 27% also thought these programmes didn't help viewers deal with real business situations
  • 74% said they would be interested in more relevant specialist business programming for small businesses on the internet, for live viewing or downloading.

"I meet with businesses every day and have often heard criticism about the usefulness of a great deal of current business programming," said John Dunsmure, managing director at the British Chambers of Commerce. is designed to plug this gap for targeted and highly practical content."

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