Axispoint warns of virtualisation pitfalls

Businesses are not realising the value of virtualisation...

Businesses are not realising the value of virtualisation technology because they underestimate its impact on existing IT systems, says IT services firm Axispoint.

Server virtualisation, which reduces the need forphysical servers, is becoming increasingly popular because of the environmental and cost benefits.

Brian Shafer, director at Axispoint, said virtualisation offers a more cost effective way of managing and maintaining infrastructure and applications, but there can be pitfalls.

"Like all technology in the hype curve, there are hidden costs and implications of deployment," he said.

According to Shafer, companies often underestimate the impact of virtualisation on their email systems, for example.

Peter Borner, managing director at Axispoint, said despite the increased interest in virtualisation, many organisations are confused by the range of options available.

"IT heads wanting to realise the benefits of virtualisation need to plan carefully to choose and implement the right technology for their organisation and set the right expectation of benefits," he said.

A recent YouGov survey of 200-plus IT directors revealed that server virtualisation is exposing business IT networks to attack because many IT directors are unaware of the security risks.

The survey found more than 40% of IT directors who have implemented server virtualisation mistakenly believe security is built in.

Andreas Asander, vice-president of product management at security firm Clavister, said it was dangerous for companies to believe that virtual servers are automatically secure.

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