Lloyds TSB recruit IT director for HBOS integration

Lloyds TSB has appointed a director of IT and operations to oversee the integration...

Lloyds TSB has appointed a director of IT and operations to oversee the integration of HBOS.

Mark Fisher, who joins from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), will sit on the group executive committee that will head the newly formed bank.

At RBS he was CEO of the manufacturing division which employs 25,000 people supporting IT and other activities. He is currently working on the integration of Dutch bank ABM AMRO, parts of which were acquired by RBS late last year.

RBS led a consortium, which includes Banco Santander of Spain and Belgian-Dutch Fortis, which acquired ABN Amro bank for £49bn. The technology integration related to this deal is a major challenge because of the bespoke systems used by ABM AMRO, which is seen as a premier IT shop, according to Ralph Silva, analyst at Towergroup.

Fisher's experience dealing with "complex integration activity" will be critical as HBOS is integrated, according to Eric Daniels, CEO at Lloyds TSB.

Rajeena Brar, banking analyst at Pierre Audoin Consultants, said integrating ABM AMRO with RBS would be challenging because the banks are from different countries.

"Because HBOS and Lloyds TSB are both in the UK a lot of systems will be similar," added Brar.

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