Information security awareness week gets under way

Today marks the start of the UK's first information security awareness week, organised by the newly formed Information...

Today marks the start of the UK's first information security awareness week, organised by the newly formed Information Security Awareness Forum (ISAF).

ISAF was formed in February 2008 to create a co-ordinated cross-industry,cross-institution approach for delivering security awareness to UK businesses.

Membership of the forum is restricted to professional bodies with a specific interest in information security awareness, such as the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), the British Computer Society (BCS),  (ISC)², the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and Infosecurity Europe.

However ISAF does include organisations which also focus on physical security, like ASIS International, and engages with organisations with a stake in information security such as the police central e-crime unit.

"It is about pulling active members in the industry together so we can facilitate a change and make it all work to everyone's benefit," said David King, chairman of ISAF.

The forum has asked members to schedule announcements about their security information initiatives for this week, which includes the Infosecurity Europe 2008 exhibition at Olympia in London from 22 to 24 April.

"Information security awareness continues to be problematic in the UK at an individual and a corporate level," said King.

A consistent approach to delivering security awareness messages to UK businesses of all sizes, he said, was key to helping clamp down on trends such as the increasing incidence of identity theft and fraud.

The ISAF is to publish a guide for company directors on information security by the end of April that will be made available free to UK businesses.

"If senior board members in organisations are aware of the need for security awareness and the need for proper security and risk management and information security management and some of the key things that need to be done, that will make a big difference," said King. 

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