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The qestion

How can I return to the UK IT market?

I moved to Slovakia to work for a software company after finishing university three years ago. I would like to return to the UK and find a job in development. I have a BSc in software engineering and my experience has been in version control and release management. I have also developed APIs with PL/SQL and updated an internal web application using Java. Do you have any advice for me?

The solution

Increase your skill set with ITIL training

It sounds like you have some valuable experience. You do not say if you plan to look for a job from Slovakia or return to the UK first. My advice is that you need to be in the UK and be ready to attend interviews at short notice.

If you plan to continue working in Slovakia, then place your CV on a number of UK job boards and start building relationships with reputable UK recruitment agencies.

You mention release management - this could be an interesting career path for you. Have a look at the ITIL foundation certificate and the release management practitioner training and certification.

This discipline is in demand at the moment and would build on your software development degree and your practical experience in release management.

If you wish to remain in software development, then your Java and PL/SQL experience should enable you to find work quite easily. If you have language skills, this may also be useful, particularly for UK-based organisations with offshore operations in Slovakia.

Solution by Jeremy I'Anson, principal IT consultant at Hudson

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