Business analysis suite spot enhanced

New automation and scheduling features to streamline processing and analysis and help improve operational efficiency.

Enterprise software applications and consulting services firm CDC Software has launched Respond Runner, a new application in the latest release of its CDC Respond 3 XA suite of enterprise applications for feedback management.

The new system offers new automation and scheduling features aimed to streamline processing and analysis of business data and to help improve organisations’ overall operational efficiency.

As well as the new automation features, the new CDC Respond 3 XA v3.70 offers deeper analytical capabilities designed to allow businesses to determine, prioritise and fix underlying issues with products, services or personnel. Other new enhancements include critical threshold monitoring and alerting, new standardised templates for Respond Handler and Respond TouchPoint, post-feedback surveys and support for Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista.

Also embedded within the new application is functionality that allows any customer-facing employee to log feedback data, process and resolve cases as required. Respond Customer allows an organisation’s customers to register feedback, including complaints, and track the progress of issues via the company’s website.


Two modules, Respond Insight and Respond Intelligence, offer analytics tools, offering businesses a way to analyse the data received through customer complaints and feedback. They give organisations a single source of data analysis, allowing management information to be shared and evaluated across an entire organisation.


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