Business objects gets down to business

BI firm launches new technology and strikes new partnership with Adobe

In a flurry of activity, Business Objects, who claims to be the world’s leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, has announced new technology and a partnership with Adobe designed to improve significantly the productivity of information workers.


Under the terms of their new joint agreement, Adobe and Business Objects will undertake multiple initiatives wit the aim of driving product interoperability and optimisation, technology adoption and product distribution.


Among the key initiatives will be the development of a Business Objects Xcelsius Connector to Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES. LiveCycle Data Services, a component of Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite software, provides data remoting, messaging, and data management capabilities to help developers integrate rich Internet applications (RIAs) with existing applications, back-end data, and J2EE infrastructure.


The Connector will allow Xcelsius users to utilise LiveCycle Data Services to stream real-time data into Xcelsius interactive dashboards, animated charts and graphs, financial presentations, or business calculators with the aim of displaying information in a visually engaging way.


Additionally, exploration will begin in the development of a seamless integration between Adobe Flex and Business Objects Xcelsius to broaden the landscape of components that both Xcelsius and Flex developers can utilise. The firm believes that the end result will be richer, more engaging business intelligence applications in a shorter period of time.


The first phase of the companies' initiative will feature joint technology enablement and product distribution. Under the agreement, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES Connector for Xcelsius is expected to be available as a Business Objects bundled product in Q1 2008. The availability of further joint offerings from the two companies will be announced in the first half of 2008.


In addition to the Adobe deal, Business Objects has also launched Text Analysis and Intelligent Search, claimed to be the first BI and data warehouse-integrated solutions that allow customers to unlock the value found in unstructured text, such as emails, documents, notes, and web content.


These new capabilities are based on technology from the Inxight Software, recently acquired by BusinessObjects,  are designed to give customers the power to combine the value found in text sources with their existing BI and data integration deployments. The technology firms is confident that customers will now be empowered to make more insightful business decisions while uncovering hidden relationships, risks, and opportunities.



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