ADSL2+ key for cheap broadband, says study

Network operators that switch to ADSL2+ networks are able to offer faster broadband speeds at lower prices, a report has found.

Network operators that switch to ADSL2+ networks are able to offer faster broadband speeds at lower prices, a report has found.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) study of broadband in 30 developed countries found that businesses were getting varying speeds at different prices.

Japan's price for broadband is the lowest in the OECD, at 11p per megabyte. In Japan, businesses also have 100mbps lines, which are 10 times faster than the UK average.

In the US, the cheapest megabit per second broadband connection is £1.59, and in the UK it is £1.81.

Ian Fogg, telecoms analyst at JupiterResearch, said many countries had seen a jump in broadband speeds since ISPs started delivering broadband over ADSL2+ lines.

Scott Morrison, research director at analyst firm Gartner, said broadband was becoming the preferred system for virtual private network connectivity to branch offices, and ensuring low prices to businesses was key for economic development.

The findings come at a time when BT is considering installing a fibre optic network that could offer businesses download speeds of between 40mbps and 50mbps. BT is planning to offer speeds of up to 24mbps in 2008, when it rolls out a £10bn ADSL2+ backbone.

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