Durham council uses Ordnance Survey to optimise transport services

Durham County Council is using transport data from Ordnance Survey to boost the efficiency of a range of transport services.

Durham County Council is using transport data from Ordnance Survey to boost the efficiency of a range of transport services.

The council has deployed the OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) layer, an up-to-date digital transport network dataset, into its geographical information system (GIS), which currently produces more than 200,000 map images per month.

The move allows the council to optimise the deployment of community services, such as its mobile libraries, and make the best choice of transport for people under its home-care scheme.

In addition, it will also help the council plan how traffic accesses civic amenity sites and act as a general route-planning tool.

Providing transport services takes up a large part of the council's budget, so finding ways to improve routing efficiencies has the potential to result in substantial savings, as well as helping to limit the impact of fuel emissions on the environment.

The Council uses a tool called RW Net Server from RouteWare, which is enabled by OS MasterMap ITN layer with road routing information.

The data is updated every six weeks and includes a host of road restriction details such as one-way roads, no-entry points, turning restrictions, and bridge height and weight limits.

Brian Dougherty of Durham County Council's corporate GIS Unit says, "The rich attribution and high level of accuracy of OS MasterMap ITN Layer has enabled us to effectively re-evaluate a wide range of issues and services such as car mileage claims, waste management and the optimisation of mobile libraries."

He said, "This has the potential to deliver substantial cost savings to the council, as well as reducing the environmental impact of vehicle emissions."

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