Lockheed Martin expects intake of IT graduates rise

Lockheed Martin UK expects a rise in the number of IT graduates it recruits and expects to hire 100 more this year as the number of projects requiring professional skills rises.

Lockheed Martin UK is to hire up to 100 IT graduates this year as the number of projects requiring professional skills rises.

The company has seen an increase in the number of graduates it takes in year on year and in 2006 the number of graduates it hired climbed by 36%.

"In the UK as a whole, more than half of the UK's 150,000 IT staff are over 50 and are approaching retirement age. We are building a talent pipeline to ensure that we have staff with the right IT skills in place for the future," said Cheryl Baron, Recruitment and Diversity programme manager at Lockheed Martin.

The UK division of Lockheed Martin does not focus on manufacturing but rather on software engineering and network development.

Baron said that recruiting employees with IT degrees gave the company confidence in their technical skills. The company is keen to recruit graduates with software engineering, programming and networking skills. Competencies such as Java, C++, Oracle and Weblogic were seen as desirable. Experience in project management also counted when interviewing candidates.

Lockheed Martin said that developing an IT student's appreciation of real world projects and applications was also important. It recently sponsored Cranfield University with funding worth a total of £50,000 for its research department.

Baron said that the approach of working in partnership with universities had led to students being placed with Lockheed Martin after finishing their degree, with the added bonus of them having developed specific technical skills required by the job.

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