Open source database makes a date with singles site

A major UK dating site is using the open source MySQL database server to power its fast-growing site.

A major UK dating site is using the open source MySQL database server to power its fast-growing site.

The site has rapidly become one of the most popular dating websites in the UK, with more than 150,000 current users and a further 10,000 joining each month.

At peak hours, there are as many as 16,000 concurrent users in the system. The site was launched by TV personality Sarah Beeny and business partner Amanda Christie. said it needed a fast, flexible and reliable database that would scale to support its growth. The database had to be cost-effective and backed by a high level of customer support to ensure availability at all times, said the site.

“After analysing the various solutions on the market, MySQL was the clear winner. We decided to design the site from the ground up with MySQL and PHP as the foundation in a classical scaled-out LAMP environment,” said Matt Bridges,’s technical director.

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