Vodafone rolls out secure remote access service for firms

Vodafone has introduced Vodafone Secure Remote Access to help firms deliver secure mobile connectivity to their staff over any access network.

Vodafone has introduced Vodafone Secure Remote Access to help firms deliver secure mobile connectivity to their staff over any access network.

Vodafone said the new service will benefit business managers by reducing the risk of corporate security breaches, managing regulatory compliance via policy control, while also improving productivity and business continuity.

Vodafone Secure Remote Access enables remote workers with laptops or desktop PCs to connect securely to their office computer systems via one simple user interface, and from multiple worldwide access technologies, including wireless mobile broadband, fixed dial-up and ISDN, public and private Wi-Fi, hotel broadband, and home broadband.  

Vodafone said the service would help firms enforce company IT security policies. For example, IT departments can set up Vodafone Secure Remote Access to prohibit internet browsing and “tear down” prohibited applications, such as consumer instant messaging.

Kyle Whitehill, enterprise director of Vodafone UK, said, “Changing work patterns are resulting in the increasing use of remote access from an ever-widening range of locations, networks and devices.

“With the launch of Vodafone Secure Remote Access, we are helping our customers to cut a path through this maze with a solution that is simple, very secure and which puts control firmly back in the hands of the IT manager.”

Tariffs to use the service are variable, according to the type of access needed.

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