North Yorks Police uses BI for efficiencies on the beat

North Yorkshire Police is to use business intelligence software to track the activities of its 1,400 police officers so that it can deploy resources more efficiently.

North Yorkshire Police is to use business intelligence software to track the activities of its 1,400 police officers so that it can deploy resources more efficiently.

Managers expect monitoring software from QlikTech to go live across the force by the end of this year after initial monitoring in its control centre enabled managers to redeploy officers.

Detective superintendent Ken McIntosh, who runs the force's control centre, will shortly begin to extend the use of QlikTech's Qlikview business intelligence application to analyse beat officers' patterns of activity during shifts.

Officers will be asked to enter status codes every time they embark on a new activity during their shifts. This data will be transferred over the Airwave Tetra network to the force's Steria Storm command and control system.

McIntosh said, "We do not think we are as efficient as we can be, and providing a better service to the public is one of the areas where we see ourselves improving."

North Yorkshire Police has so far moved two staff from taking calls to other duties since implementing Qlikview in its command and control centre in early February.

Officers in the control centre have established a routine of updating the system with their activity status throughout their shifts. By analysing this data, McIntosh said he was able identify inefficiencies. The system has also helped managers in charge of the contact centre to know when extra resource is required.

McIntosh said, "The process has been revealing, since all the supervisors in the control room were telling me that they had a lack of resources, while Qlikview was able to highlight where there was slack."

The control room implementation has also helped North Yorkshire Police comply with three sets of regulations for handling calls from the public about crime: the National Standard for Incident Recording, the National Crime Recording Standard and the National Call Handling Standards.

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