Symantec updates management suite

Symantec has updated its Symantec Control Compliance Suite to help reduce the cost and complexity of IT policy management and compliance.

Symantec has updated its Symantec Control Compliance Suite to help reduce the cost and complexity of IT policy management and compliance.

Symantec has automated the assessment of policies against industry regulations, standards and best practices to do this. 

“Organisations today are required to demonstrate compliance with the various industry regulations, mandates and standards,” said Vivian Tero, an analyst at IDC.

“Solutions like Symantec Control Compliance Suite help IT executives unify the assessment and management of both programmatic and procedural IT controls to effectively lower the administrative cost and complexity of corporate compliance programs,” said Tero.

Due to the multiple mandates, regulations and standards that impact multiple business units at any given company, many increase compliance costs by implementing redundant controls to address each one, though many include the same requirements, said Symantec.

The new Symantec Control Compliance Suite 8.5 provides key elements of the IT governance, risk and compliance management process by helping to ensure coverage of external mandates by automating policy documentation and dissemination, acceptance tracking and exception management. 

It also demonstrates compliance to internal and external policies by automating the assessment of technical and procedural controls and evaluating this against risk criteria.

Compliance evidence can also be gathered on configurations, permissions, patches and vulnerabilities, and the solution controls self assessment of procedural activities without relying on agents. 

Symantec Control Compliance Suite 8.5 will be available later this month.

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