Ofgem upgrade to improve data access

Ofgem, the regulator for the gas and electricity markets, has selected Parity to construct a new document management system and website to improve its operations.

Ofgem, the regulator for the gas and electricity markets, has selected Parity to construct a new document management system and website to improve its operations.

The first stage of the project is the launch of a new website that will play a key role in helping market players and consumers find information about gas and electricity regulation, changes and news that could affect them.

The new website will enable better and quicker access to gas and electricity market information for both consumers and businesses. The second phase of the project is to include a comprehensive internal employee intranet and document management system.

The content and document management process of the website is supported by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, which manages how people find and share information across boundaries.

Ofgem is one of the first UK public sector organisations to implement this software.

This product will significantly improve document management and records management, helping Ofgem to achieve cost savings and improve efficiency through speedier data access and collaboration.

Nick Simpson, director of enterprise content management at Ofgem said, “As a national watchdog we have a duty to provide stakeholders with the most comprehensive information on gas and electricity markets available and to promote competition in the UK market.

“We can now publish this content far more efficiently and quickly and everyone can find the information and navigate around the new website far more intuitively.”

The public accessing the new Ofgem website can search for and retrieve information from approximately 16,000 documents that are constantly updated.

Ofgem staff can now publish new content more efficiently using the new platform, which will save them time and reduce costs.

Simpson said, “The new internal intranet will also help our staff to work together more effectively by making it easier to retrieve and share information.

“Currently there are 1.2 million documents saved in our internal files, our current system makes it very difficult to search for and access these files. In some instances employees have turned to the website to find a document because they could not locate it on the internal network,” said Simpson.

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