Oracle upgrades JD Edwards World platform

Oracle has announced general availability of JD Edwards World A9.1, delivering more than 1,250 enhancements to improve operations and reduce integration costs.

Oracle has announced general availability of JD Edwards World A9.1, delivering more than 1,250 enhancements to improve operations and reduce integration costs.

As part of the new release, Oracle has delivered new module Service and Warranty Management.

This provides functionality for managing, defining and executing service and warranty contracts, allowing customers to record service contracts, accept returns of materials for repair, execute repair orders and bill repair costs to customers, if necessary. 

The latest release includes enhancements to the JD Edwards World Quality Management System, to help customers identify areas where failures occur, reduce the costs of unused materials and increase customer satisfaction by improving overall product quality.

With JD Edwards World A9.1, Oracle has also simplified the upgrade and retrofitting process with new tools.

Customers can create a report that compares their current source code to the new release, helping to predict what custom code can be eliminated and what may be needed for a retrofit. 

Another new tool compares the configuration settings of the customer’s existing release with the new release. Because data clean-up is important for efficient operations as well as upgrades, this release also includes new tools to archive data and identify versions of reports that are no longer needed. 

The JD Edwards World web interface now also supports a Java deployment to ease installation, improve performance and create a unified look and feel. 

In addition, a new Dynamic Build feature, embedded in the Java software, allows custom panels to be automatically converted to display in a web browser.

JD Edwards World A9.1 is currently available for traditional deployment and on demand via Oracle On Demand services.

Oracle has also just upgraded its Siebel CRM On Demand product with Release 14.

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