Have your opinion heard on the changing threat landscape

Computer Weekly invites you to share your views with fellow senior IT security decision makers about how to stay ahead of the hackers

As a senior IT professional involved in security you’ll know only too well that threats to businesses from web-based malware change almost by the day. Malicious code is constantly evolving and is testing in ever increasing ways the defences of companies such as yours.

Computer Weekly would like to invite you to an exclusive round-table, in association with Finjan, at The Groucho Club, London on Wednesday 2 May to share your views with fellow CIOs and Senior IT security decision makers about how to stay ahead of the hackers
We’d be delighted to hear your views on how malicious code is changing the web threat landscape and how well traditional security solutions are fending off these web threats. We want to canvass your opinion and that of fellow IT security professionals on the challenges of having to address both known and unknown threats, whether it is indeed possible to defend against stealth attacks, and whether traditional security technologies actually provide the necessary levels of protection suitable for your business.

We’ll be taking your views very seriously and will write them up in two special features in future issues of ComputerWeekly.

In short ComputerWeekly would be delighted for you to share your views with us and your fellow security professionals and be part of the IT security conversation.


To register simply contact Beverley de Valmency, at [email protected], or call +44 (0) 8652 3122.


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