Sun speeds up Fire chips for ERP systems

Sun Microsystems has released faster 1.95GHz and 2.1GHz Ultra­sparc IV+ processors for its Sun Fire servers.

Sun Microsystems has released faster 1.95GHz and 2.1GHz Ultra­sparc IV+ processors for its Sun Fire servers.

The chips, which improve on the previous top-range speed of 1.8GHz, are designed to help businesses with CRM, business intelligence, datawarehousing, and enterprise applications using large databases.

Forrester analyst Richard Fichera said the complexity of moving workloads off of other suppliers' architectures could limit its appeal, but existing Sun users could benefit from "startling improvements" in performance and power consumption for selected workloads.

"Competitors (including Sun's partner AMD) may move more aggressively than we expect in introducing multicore CPUs with lower power and better threading support. In this case, the new processors will not have enough appeal to win significant new users, even if it remains interesting to Sun's installed base," he said

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