TomorrowNow responds to Oracle allegations

TomorrowNow, the US subsidiary of SAP being sued by Oracle for copyright infringement has finally responded to the allegations.

TomorrowNow, the US subsidiary of SAP being sued by Oracle for copyright infringement has finally responded to the allegations.

In a statement issued this week, TomorrowNow acknowledged Oracle’s lawsuit – first announced nearly three weeks ago on 22 March – and reassured customers of ‘business as usual’. But the statement added very little to what its parent company had already said.

“We are still reviewing the matter and until we have a chance to understand the allegations more fully , it would not be prudent to comment on the pending litigation,” said the statement.

TomorrowNow provides support services for customers of Oracle subsidiaries JD Edwards and PeopleSoft and is accused of illegally hacking into its secure support website for the applications’ users. Oracle further alleges that SAP then copied content from the Oracle site and used it to offer Oracle customers cut-rate support services as a means of persuading them to move over to SAP's rival applications.

If proven, the allegations could implicate TomorrowNow customers who would be liable for copyright infringement along with SAP, but speculation has so far centred on the suit being unfounded or stemming from the actions of a rogue employee.

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