NHS Map of Medicine to be located in three regions

The NHS Map of Medicine has signed a contract with CSC to make the data available to the north, midlands and east regions under the National Programme for IT.

The NHS Map of Medicine has signed a contract with CSC to make the data available to the north, midlands and east regions under the National Programme for IT.

CSC is a national programme provider of IT systems in those regions. The Map is a knowledge management tool designed to improve patient care by saving clinical staff time keeping up to date with the latest best practice and evidence based clinical guidelines.

The clinical knowledge in the Map is visually presented in more than 370 patient ‘journeys’, starting from an initial patient visit at a GP surgery or hospital.

Content covers all major diagnostic areas including accident and emergency, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, oncology and palliative care. 

Mike Stein, chief medical officer responsible for the Map of Medicine, said, “Our team of passionate clinicians and IT staff will be working closely with CSC to ensure successful implementation of the Map.”

The Map is the result of five years’ work by a team involving more than 500 doctors and nurses, and stems from an original partnership between the Royal Free and University College Medical School, the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust and the NHS National Library for Health.

More information on the Map is available at:

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