Windows security testing: Five tips for the summer

If you don't test the security of your systems, you are practically begging hackers to crack into your network and steal business-critical information. Learn Windows security testing secrets and how to penetrate your own network to prepare for inevitable breaches.

Without proper security testing measures, you have no idea how secure your Windows systems really are. All of your careful planning and configuring will be for naught if you aren't aware of where hackers can and will access your network.

@37569By following these Windows security testing tips from, you can ensure that your summer will be free of dangerous security breaches. Learn penetration testing best practices, how to plan for the inevitable security breach and how to create a solid security assessment report.

Also, if your organization has already migrated to Windows Vista or is planning to do so, you can get a glimpse of what the experts are saying about the new operating system and how to hack Vista yourself to test its security for yourself.

Hack into Windows Vista
How can you find out hands-on if Vista is as secure as it can possibly be? Hack into it, of course. Security expert Kevin Beaver shows you how.

Vista tested: Expert shares results
Kevin Beaver shares the results of his Vista hacking test. This is the second part of a two-part series on hacking into Windows Vista.

Essential elements of a good security assessment report
These six steps will have you putting together solid security assessment reports. Use them to show auditors or regulators that you've got ongoing security testing covered at your place.

Plan for a security breach, step by step
Do you have a solid plan in place for if and when you experience a security breach? Does that plan include important contact information, and have you and your co-workers walked through the plan together? This step-by-step guide will help you to set an action plan in place.

Penetration testing: Five tips in five minutes
What good is your network security plan if a hacker can simply break through your defenses? By testing your own network's security, you can find (and fix) the holes in your perimeter before an unauthorized attacker can take advantage. Check out these five tips for pointers and tools to help you test for your own security weaknesses.

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