Capita launches online child assessment service

Capita Children’s Services has launched its One eCAF system, the online version of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to help authorities effectively evaluate children’s needs.

Capita Children’s Services has launched its One eCAF system, the online version of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to help authorities effectively evaluate children’s needs.
All authorities are required to have a fully operational online system by the end of 2008, to improve information sharing on children and to better assess when intervention is required.
The new system can be accessed online by authorised personnel, from wherever is most convenient. A teacher or police officer, for instance, will be able to log into a One eCAF system from their place of work to investigate if there is an existing CAF for a child they have recently been in contact with.
They can quickly see who they need to talk with to raise any concerns about the child and contribute to the child’s assessment by logging their own observations.
This information can then be accessed centrally, so those individuals trained to assess a child’s needs can take any necessary action immediately.
The One eCAF system will enable all key workers such as teachers, social care practitioners and healthcare professionals to effectively work together to build a comprehensive picture of a child, which will help improve decision-making and the quality of service delivery, said Capita.
The system provides a full audit trail of individuals who have been in contact with a child and the services being provided. Data can be shared across authority boundaries to ensure a child can be properly assessed as they move from one authority to another.
Sensitive information can be shielded from those not authorised to view it, so access to a child’s past mental health information, for example, may only be available to specialist users.
eCAF integrates with Capita Children’s Services’ One information management system, which is used by 126 local authorities across the UK to manage data on all interactions, interventions and service delivery for children.
This allows authorities to save time and reduce the risk of errors as the eCAF record will be instantly populated with a child’s existing data from One, said Capita.
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