Electromagnetic paint protects wireless networks from hackers

Companies are to be offered a special “wireless-blocking” paint which can be used to protect their internal wireless networks.

Companies are to be offered a special “wireless-blocking” paint which can be used to protect their internal wireless networks.

EM-SEC Technologies says tests show that its EM-SEC Coating System can stop hackers and wireless intruders breaking into buildings’ wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and single building mobile phone networks.

“The use of EM-SEC Coating as an electromagnetic barrier for the containment of wireless networks has opened a new realm of possibilities for our company and for the future of wireless communications,” said Robert Boyd, vice president and director of technology for EM-SEC Technologies.

“As hackers, identity thieves and even terrorists become more sophisticated in the methods they use to obtain information or inflict damage, these tests confirmed EM-SEC Coating reduces the threat from electronic eavesdropping and blocks out electromagnetic interference for the protection of electronic data,” said Boyd.

The EM-SEC Coating System is a series of water-based shielding products that restrict the passage of airborne radio frequency signals.

The EM-SEC Coating was initially developed to aid the US government and military in shielding operation centres in order to safeguard mission critical information.

The test results showed that a one-time application of the EM-SEC Coating creates an “electromagnetic fortress” by preventing airborne hackers from intercepting signals.

EM-SEC said the product could also be used to stop electronic eavesdropping of corporate offices, boardrooms, server and computer rooms and research and development laboratories.

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