Police to be offered new case management system

The police and the courts are to be offered a new data management system following a technology alliance between Northgate Information Solutions and Initiate Systems.

The police and the courts are to be offered a new data management system following a technology alliance between Northgate Information Solutions and Initiate Systems.

The joint solution will offer enforcement agencies a one-stop shop for crime detection and enforcement.

Northgate is now offering the Initiate system to its existing police and criminal justice data management customers in the UK.

The system creates and automatically maintains a master or “golden” record of individuals by accurately linking information on individual identities, known associates, location and other details.

With Initiate Identity Hub software, police and criminal justice agencies can establish a clear, centralised view in real-time of individuals and cases, using the most up-to-date information drawn from multiple disparate systems and applications.

Individuals can view information according to their security clearance in a format that is best suited to their needs.

The solution also provides critical time and resource savings during the investigative process, by eliminating the need to extract and check data from different information systems, said Northgate.

Dave Meaden, managing director of Northgate Public Services, said, “We believe that this agreement is another demonstration of how suppliers must form new relationships so that they can work in partnership to deliver excellent public services.”

The Initiate system is already widely used by US law enforcement agencies.

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