Liverpool and Hackney councils support Capita ICS

Liverpool City Council and the London Borough of Hackney have signed contracts with Capita Strategic Children’s Services to supply its Integrated Children’s System (ICS).

Liverpool City Council and the London Borough of Hackney have signed contracts with Capita Strategic Children’s Services to supply its Integrated Children’s System (ICS).

Capita Strategic Children’s Services’ ICS is designed to transform the way children’s records are managed across the authorities, supporting their ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and enhancing outcomes for the children and families in their care.

It will enable social care staff to view data on a child’s school attendance, achievement and behaviour alongside social care records, helping them to quickly identify those children most in need.

Bill Malloy, head of strategic intelligence in Liverpool’s Children’s Services Team, said, “It is crucial that social care practitioners have access to the most accurate information to ensure the right support and services are in place for Liverpool’s most vulnerable children. ICS will help us deliver this.

“Allowing social workers to access data on a child’s school life, together with child protection information, ensures we can plan and target frontline services more effectively.”
By examining attendance and social care records together, staff at Hackney and Liverpool will be able see if a vulnerable child has suddenly started missing school regularly. This information will ensure that the child’s case is prioritised effectively and the appropriate support is provided swiftly, where necessary.

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