Online tax self-assessment up 40%

The HM Revenue & Customs website has seen a 40% increase in online self assessment filings, hitting a new record.

The HM Revenue & Customs website has seen a 40% increase in online self assessment filings, hitting a new record.

HMRC said 150,000 self-assessment returns were received in the 24 hours running up to last week’s 31 January midnight deadline.

During the filing peak, the HMRC website was processing more than 6,000 returns each hour - more than a 100 every minute, and almost two per second.

A total of almost 2.9 million people chose to file their returns online this year.

Paul Gray, acting chairman of HMRC, said, “This is a 40% increase on last year's online filing figures - showing that the public have realised the benefits of doing their returns online.

"Not only is it a secure, quick and convenient way to file, but you get an immediate acknowledgement and faster repayment if we owe you money,"said Gray.

He said, “All the work we have undertaken to increase the capacity and robustness of our IT systems has paid off.”

In previous years, the online assessment system has been hit with technical and security problems.

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