Microsoft develops ID platform with open-source rivals

Microsoft says it is working with non-Microsoft advocates to help develop its new InfoCard identity management platform.

Microsoft says it is working with non-Microsoft advocates to help develop its new InfoCard identity management platform.

Seeking to learn from the mistakes of its failed proprietary Passport web identity system, Microsoft has been working on the development of InfoCard with Firefox and Opera browser developers, and with organisations such as the open-source Apache Software Foundation and Apple Computer.

InfoCard was released as a beta solution in May.

Kim Cameron, Microsoft's chief architect of identity and access, said Microsoft wanted InfoCard to work equally easily on software and hardware platforms that were not powered by products from Microsoft, which had been one of Passport’s problems, and that Linux was among the platforms at which Microsoft was aiming InfoCard.

InfoCard is also designed to work on servers not controlled by Microsoft, which was the major concern of privacy advocates with Passport.

Passport is currently used to support federated identity management on Microsoft websites and services such as Hotmail.

Federated identity management allows consumers or employees to surf between different websites using a single username and password.

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