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NEC fingerprint reader set up for mobile use

NEC has used the CeBit exhibition to launch a wireless biometric security product. The NEC system uses fingerprint biometrics being to authenticate network access via an NEC laptop PC and an NEC 3G mobile phone. The fingerprint reader, which comes as part of the system, is integrated with the Sim card contained in the 3G mobile phone. NEC said the system supported remote wireless access via virtual private network client software platforms.

Eight-way server uses  dual-core processors

Fujitsu is to launch an eight-way server created from four integrated dual-processor blade servers. The server, expected in either April or May, relies on 2.6GHz Opteron dual-core processors from AMD. The blade integration development builds on Fujitsu's move last year to offer a four-processor Opteron server built from linking two Primergy BX630 blades.

Writely word processor to be offered on Google

Google is to offer hosted word processing following the acquisition of Writely, the maker of a web-based word processor. The Writely word processing service is currently in beta testing and there is a waiting list of people wanting to get their hands on the technology. Writely can handle documents saved in the open source Opendocument Format, and files created in the open source Openoffice suite.

BT offers security check for PCs via broadband

BT has launched PC Security Check, a service for small businesses that remotely tests a customer's computer and provides a status report on its security condition with recommendations on how to make it more secure. The check takes half an hour and involves a series of tests performed remotely over broadband on the computer, against the customer's network firewall by a BT technician.


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