SAP scores with retail IT solution

Two of the biggest global retail brands have selected SAP solutions to improve their data processing capabilities.

Leading multichannel music and entertainment retailer Virgin Entertainment Group has selected an SAP Triversity point-of-sale (POS) solution to automate and integrate the company’s Virgin Megastores in the United States whilst apparel, shoes and accessories designer Kenneth Cole Productions is to implement SAP software to support its growth strategy and integrate its global sourcing, retail and wholesale operations.


Virgin expects its solution to enable employees to efficiently manage inventory and pricing rules, apply new discounts, add promotions and adapt to sales tax changes without the use of custom programming. Virgin chose SAP Triversity POS after what it calls an an extensive search for a new POS software solution to replace the company’s former sloution that it says had become inflexible.


For its part,  Kenneth Cole Productions will implement SAP for Retail, SAP Apparel and Footwear and SAP Triversity POS in order to gain an integrated, end-to-end view of its multiple businesses. With the new software, Kenneth Cole Productions anticipates increased sales, more streamlined and optimised operations and improved customer service. The solutions are designed to coordinate across all aspects of the business, including product development, merchandising, customer relationship management, supply chain and inventory management, store operations and labour optimisation as well as financial reporting.

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