Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and T-Mobile team up for financial data project -- and other news briefs

Brief takes on this week's TechData news

Companies team up for financial data project

Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and T-Mobile are working with Knowledge Technology Solutions, a provider of market information for financial services, on a mobile data service for equity market professionals.

Grid product designed for aero and auto industries

A grid product that enables organisations to carry out product lifecycle management has been created by Platform and Dassault Systemes. Platform LSF for V5 PLM is designed to enable aerospace and automotive companies to carry out batch processing.

Dual-mode phones to be sold by Skype this year

Peer-to-peer telephony provider Skype is planning to sell a dual-mode GSM/Wi-Fi phone by the end of the year. Skype said it is working with all the major hardware companies to develop GSM/Wi-Fi devices with embedded Skype.

SoftCo automates invoice process

Workflow and document management specialist SoftCo has launched invoice automation software for accounts payable departments. SoftCo Rondo enables organisations to convert paper invoices into digital images.

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