Google launches hardware search appliance for SMEs

Search technology firm Google has launched its first hardware appliance for small and medium sized businesses

Search technology firm Google has launched its first hardware appliance for small and medium sized businesses.

Google Mini is an integrated hardware/software search appliance that indexes all content within a company’s intranet or public website and is available for £1995, including one year’s support.

"Content is dramatically increasing everywhere and it is no longer limited to documents, spreadsheets and presentations," said Roberto Solimene, Enterprise sales director, Google Europe.

"With more web pages, weblogs and other content, businesses of every size are having a hard time keeping track of it all. With Google, you can help your customers and employees quickly find the information they need."

Connected to the corporate network and given the correct URL, the Google Mini will crawl through web pages and any documents linked to an internal or external website. It will also create its own search page on that site.

Rajen Sheth, Google Mini product manager said, “It is simple to deploy but extensible. All search results are created in XML so you can customise design. There is no tagging necessary, but if you have meta tags then you can make use of them such as filtering search results.”

Sheth said companies using the system were finding information they did not know they had.

Eric Peterson, a Jupiterresearch analyst specialising in site technologies and operations, said the Google Mini was a good option for small and medium businesses. "Attractive pricing combined with the good name of Google makes it a must-look opportunity," he said.

The system does not search through corporate e-mail, although this feature may become available as Google works on integrating its Mini with the Google Desktop product. The services agreement allowed customer free upgrades to the product for a year, Sheth said.


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