Oasis tries to halt row over reliable messaging standards

The Oasis web services standards body is trying to head off a battle between reliable messaging standards by agreeing a joint...

The Oasis web services standards body is trying to head off a battle between reliable messaging standards by agreeing a joint development program for rival systems.

Oasis (Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) has agreed to develop the WS ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) and WS-RM Policy specifications within the Oasis open standards process.

WS-RM is backed by BEA Systems, IBM, Microsoft, and Tibco Software while Oasis has the support of more than 600 organisations, including both users and suppliers.

Gartner analyst Charles Abrams said the move was a step forward for end users. “Reliable messaging is key to the future growth of business-to-business web services. The need for secure and verifiable transactions among trading partners is paramount.

“Until now, there have been two duplicative efforts, WS-Reliability, an Oasis Standard, and WS-RM, a major vendor-backed specification effort. This has caused some end user confusion and concern. 

“Now that both efforts are under the auspices of Oasis, with major vendor support for both WS-Reliability and WS-RM, end user needs should be better served,” said Abrams.

The new Oasis Web Services Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) technical committee will broaden the development of the specifications that comprise both protocol and policy assertions for reliable message exchange.

"Oasis is happy to serve as the nexus for reliable messaging work in the web services arena and service-oriented architectures generally," said James Bryce Clark, Oasis director of standards development. 

"We're pleased to see software developers acknowledge the benefits of bringing their work to an open standards process, where all interested and affected parties can contribute to the outcome."

Gartner’s Abrams said he expected both standards to eventually merge.

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