IBM and SAP target Oracle users through DB2 database -- and more news briefs

Short takes on this week's news

IBM alliance introduces SAP-optimised DB2

IBM and SAP are targeting Oracle users through a technology, sales and marketing alliance, which has introduced a version of the DB2 database optimised for SAP. The SAP-optimised DB2 version 8.2.2 uses autonomic computing technologies tuned to help users streamline installation, improve performance and increase availability, cutting the total cost of ownership.

Tally acquisition boosts Zenworks for Novell

Novell has completed its acquisition of software management supplier Tally Systems. The takeover will bolster Novell's Zenworks systems management product. Using technology from Tally, Novell is shipping Novell Zenworks Asset Management, a set of integrated tools with discovery and inventory, licence management, and software usage and trend analysis capabilities. The products will allow businesses to track systems information and assets across the enterprise.

Nokia to pre-install Yahoo mobile services

Nokia and Yahoo have signed an agreement to pre-install Yahoo mobile services, such as e-mail, search engine facilities, news and entertainment, on Nokia's Series 60 smartphones. By pre-installing the applications, users can avoid the often tricky task of downloading the applications they need. The move will also enable Yahoo to generate a wide audience for the internet advertising that comes with its applications.

Stratus launches high-availability server

Stratus Technologies has launched a high-availability server and service designed for manufacturing operations in life sciences companies. The Stratus CA (Continuous Availability) Framework aims to reduce the complexity, cost and risk of deploying and maintaining operational continuity in highly regulated manufacturing environments.

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