Dell offers dual-core PCs

Dell has started selling PCs equipped with Intel’s new dual-core processor platform.

Dell has started selling PCs equipped with Intel’s new dual-core processor platform.

Intel said the dual-core systems were aimed at “computer hobbyists and entertainment enthusiasts" and would give users much higher processing power for demanding applications and multi-tasking.

Don MacDonald, vice-president of Intel’s digital home group, said, “Moore’s Law is about giving you more computing capabilities without an equivalent increase in cost. This is what bringing dual-core processors to PCs is all about.”

Intel’s first dual-core processor platform includes the Pentium Extreme Edition 840 running at 3.2GHz and the Intel 955X Express chipset.

“This platform empowers computer users to take advantage of high-definition video, high-quality sound and 3D visualisation for their audio, video, digital design and gaming tasks,” said MacDonald.

“It enables increased capabilities and the power for people to do more with their computers, which will change how people use computing power inside and outside their homes.”

Dual-core and multi-core processors are designed by incorporating multiple full execution cores within a single processor, enabling easier processing of more than one application at the same time.

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